Smell the air.

What song could you listen to over and over again?

Find the pulse of the music and locate it in your body.

Measure your breath like an accordion, inhaling 4 beats, exhaling 4 beats. Now 8, 12, 16. Dance. Breathe. Sing!

Mouthpiece: match what you hear: melody, harmony, bass. Improvise.

Slide - relax into sound, easy up and down, now articulated rhythms - single, double, & triple tongued.

Bell - long waves, slipping through partials, spinning spontaneous yarns


  • The slide is a paintbrush. Only the left hand holds weight

~ Nebraskan's Guide, Schlossberg Daily Drills

~ Awareness of abdominal support


- Nick Finzer jazz scale patterns

St. James Infirmary in all 12 minor keys - Melody, Bass line, & Backgrounds

ii - V - I's

IV - V - I Blues


Rochut Melodious Etudes

Telemann Flute Fantasies

Bach Cello Sonatas

The Beatles