suspend judgement

listen in order to receive

build on what you receive

make your partner look brilliant

serve the scene

keep moving forward


sound & silence


roy g thru b i v


wind on a will*

          *with apologies to A.A. Milne

I can tell you,
    Everybody knows,
Where the wind comes from,
   Where the wind goes.
It’s flying out from within
   As fast as it can,
You couldn't keep up with it,
 Not if you ran.
But without the hollow brass,
   It's cheek polished bright,
There wouldn’t blow any wind,
     Not day, not night.
And then, when held up high,
   Wherever it blows,
You’ll know where
    The silk wind flows.
So let us play then,
   Where the wind goes . . .
But where the wind comes from,
Everybody’s nose.


How to Prepare a Show


First enter the space.

Then breathe.

Lay down your weight

and breathe again.

Breathe alone.

Breathe together.


and again.

Breathe billows.

Do the twist.

Prepare to bring home the bacon.

Draw your bow and arrow

and count 10, 9, 8,

7, 6, 5,